On sale at Comicsy now!

Yep! These cards I’ve been previewing for the last few updates are finally here as actual, real decks you can feel with your touch-stumps! I’ve used this little text-space below the comic to gush about how awesome the artists have done on this, so I won’t repeat myself here. Just to say SO AWESOME YOU GUYS.

I’ll be selling these in person at London MCM in a couple of weeks, and a few other UK cons (Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds) over the coming months. But if you’re not going to be in these places, or you just can’t wait, I’m shipping to all over the world from my wee Edinburgh flat. I’m selling through Comicsy, which is a great shopfront for indie artists (that wonderfully takes a 0% cut of the payment) and accepts major cards + Paypal.

Super excited to be finally getting these out there!