So, as well as the 400+ comics in the main archives, here’s a collection of older things I have drawn. Be warned, there are good reasons why they’re not in the main archives (generally they’re terribly drawn, not intended to be funny, or both).

Old Comics Volume One – Comics from my short-lived 2005 webcomic “One Thousand Words”

Old Comics Volume Two – Comics from my 2006 webcomic (also called “One Thousand Words”)

Varsity – Editorial Cartoons drawn for the Cambridge Student Paper Varsity. Completely devoid of context they will almost certainly make very little sense.

xkcd parodies – A trio of parodies of some of the best known xkcd comics.

Team Open – A project I did for Creative Commons, profiling two dozen users of CC licenses.

Suit Down! – An aborted version of Suit Up! (samples of which are currently in the main archives) drawn and written by me alone.

(Update: Most of the time now if I do something that doesn’t fit into the main comics I’ll post it up on Twitter or Facebook)