Written by Luke Surl, Drawn by Rachael Smith

Uh, what? Is this comic still updating?

If you’ve been following me on the social medias, you may have picked up that I’m turning that Playing Cards motif thing I was messing with a few months back into a collaborative project. I’m going to be writing all the jokes, and four super-awesome artists are going to be doing each suit.

First up we have Hearts, which is being drawn by the inimitable Rachael Smith. Rachael is one of the UK Small Press community’s fastest rising stars, with hit books House Party and The Rabbit to name just a couple. Currently she’s working on a new webcomic, Bess which you can read, from the start, right here.

So, over the next few weeks I’ll be posting up more of these cards here*, and you’ll find out who’s drawing the other suits soon! The full deck, which I’ll be calling Suit Up! will be on sale from me in the Summer.



*I might make a separate website for this project, but I’ll let you good people here know if I do.