I’m Luke Surl and welcome to my webcomic, LukeSurl.com! Without theme, topic, rhyme or reason I’ll post up cartoons here three times a week (between 8pm – midnight UK time, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday). There’s no continuity or characters, so feel free to read the archive backwards, forwards, or just completely at random.

The comic has been running since 2008, beginning life as (filler) material for Clareification, the college magazine of Clare College Cambridge, but has since become an independent internet entity of its own.

Comics are generally about whatever I feel like at the time, and collectively provide a disturbingly accurate portrait of my psyche. As a certified geek (I studied Chemistry at Cambridge and am now a PhD student in Atmospheric Science at UEA) there’s a lot of comics about science, but there’s the occasional reflection of a few of my other interests as well – drama (I act with the Broken Glass Theatre Company) and, apparently, Yo Mama jokes.

The comic is generally created by pencils on Bristol board, inking with PITT pens, scanning, and then retouching and colouring in Photoshop. I’m continually experimenting with different methods of comic production however.

Commercial/Copyright Enquiries

I don’t currently have an online shop, but intend to set one up fairly soon. I appear at the occasional UK comics convention selling a few books and other merchandise – I’ll post notices about where and when I’m going to be popping up.

For work created solely by me, the low resolution artwork which appears on the site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License, which allows for non-commercial use of the images and works derived from the image, as long as attribution is given. Sharing the comics on blogs and social networks is encouraged, but please provide a link to lukesurl.com (or, even better, the specific page of the comic). If you see a cartoon of mine being used in a blog without attribution, please let me know and I will contact the blog owner.

For commercial use, or if you would like a high resolution print or electronic copy of a particular comic, please contact me at mail@lukesurl.com. I am also available for commissions at times when University work leaves some free time.

Work created jointly with other creators is all rights reserved, sorry, it’s just too complicated otherwise.

When sharing the cartoons, please do not send people directly to image files, but rather post links to the pages themselves. Links such as these are essentially useless to webcomic creators. Such links are also liable to be invalidated in future site updates.


You can find me on Twitter where I tweet all sorts of stuff, nonsense and awful, awful puns.

I record a podcast where I talk approximately weekly with some excellent folk about webcomics. I tend to hang around The Webcomic List Forum for similar discussions in a more silent format – I also help organise the annual Webcomic List Awards.

I’m always keen to meet other cartoonists! The comic creators society I set up when I was living in Cambridge is still around (I can put you in touch with the folk who run it if you send me an email). My couple of years living in Oxford resulted in me being part of Caption, the UK’s oldest comic convention. I’ve just moved to Norwich, so if you create comics and are in the area, let me know!

Any questions?

Contact me on Twitter or by email and I’ll try and answer as soon as possible.