Yes! After delaying this far far too long, I have finally set up an online shop. Currently I’ve got two products up there, my compendium ‘Weapons-Grade Puntonium‘ and Luke Healey’s and my book ‘Improbable Consequences‘ (‘cos two Luke are better than one).

Both books are available both as print and DRM-free PDF digital versions. (Fun fact, with the money saved on printing & shipping the artist(s) make as much from either version, so you’re supporting us equally with either choice).

I’ll talk a bit about ‘WGP’ on Wednesday. I could write lots about Improbable, but it’s far more succinct to point you to some of the cartoons that have been posted here. There’s a lot of the cartoons which will are book-exclusive however.

May I suggest these books would make excellent Christmas presents foryour friends, family, acquaintances, mortal enemies etc. 😛

Have fun, and consider clicking here.