OK, so I’m not actually a Climatologist, I’m an Atmospheric Chemist (a not unrelated discipline, but one thankfully free of most of the politics). I share a coffee room with the climate guys however.

Now I am aware that a Day After Tomorrow style climate catastrophe is fiction – the real human impact from climate change is and will be a more gradual affair over the course of decades, with the worst of it hitting those already the most vulnerable.

I am also aware that any mention of this topic on the internet has the potential for attracting a crapstorm of shouting to and fro. I’m not keen for this to occur on my site devoted to funny pictures and puns – so I’ll use my ability to delete/edit any silliness if necessary.

I’ll be back to stupid jokes with no underlying message on Friday 🙂

P.S. If you would like to wear this sort of thing on your body, I’ve put the minimum effort required to set up one of those CafePress stores things. I have no idea whether the T-shirts actually look like they do on the website if you do give them your money.