So I’ll be at MCM expo this weekend (Friday 28th – Sunday 30th October). For the uninitiated, this is pretty much a big marketplace for indie comics – I’ll be selling a couple of books (including the biggest collection yet, standing at some 104 pages), some postcards, and some badges which are all very lovely. Even if you’re not flushed with cash, do come along and say hi – it’s great to see that my webcomic is read by real people rather than just faceless IP address*! You can find me in the Comic Village area (map to my table).

I’ll also be taking a stall up to Leeds’ Thought Bubble festival in November – more on that later. If there’s stuff left over after that I’ll set up a web store.

The bad news is that immediately afterwards, work** are sending me up to Scotland for a training course, so they’ll be no new comics on the site next week. Normal service will resume Monday 7th November.


*no offence to any faceless IP addresses intended.

**as a PhD student it’s possibly a bit rich to call what I do “work” but I’m running with it.