There are now so many conventions in the UK where a small-press comic creator can sell their work it can be difficult keeping track of them. Luckily ComicShowTables has tracked them down so you don’t have to!

ComicShowTables is a mailing list for independent comic artists who want to be the first to know when tables are open for booking at comic shows across the UK, ranging from the gargantuan mega-cons in London to smaller regional events you may not have heard of. By signing up to one list, you find out about almost every event in the UK

The list works on a mixture of convention organisers emailing the list directly (see below) and the ComicShowTables admins and subscribers searching the internet for public listings and sending out mailouts based on these. The emails are moderated (to avoid spam and repetition) and then forwarded on to your inbox. Never miss the booking window of a show again!

ComicShowTables is run by Luke Surl of LukeSurl.com. It has operated since February 2016. I can be contacted by email at comicshowtables-owner@lukesurl.com

This blog, ComicShowTables.co.uk and @ComicShowTables

The “old site” of ComicShowTables is here. You can subscribe or unsubscribe with forms there, though these functions can also be replicated via email as detailed below.

This blog site automatically makes a post for each ComicShowTables mailout. It might also contain other occasional posts from the admin.

The ComicShowTables Twitter is at @ComicShowTables. It will automatically post a link to any new blog post here, including the mailouts.

For convention organizers

For Comic Show Organisers, ComicShowTables can help you reach a wide audience of artists who may be interested in exhibiting at your show. To post a message about your convention that will be forwarded to the list members and listed on this website, send an email to comicshowtables@lists.lukesurl.com, or use the submission form.

Please include the following info: when & where the con is happening, the cost of tables for comic creators & how to book, an email address for any questions, and a link to the event’s website.

Your submission will be checked by a moderator before being forwarded on to the independent comic artist subscribers. Please keep mailings about booking exhibitor space, general convention promotion will not be forwarded. One submission per show per year please.

ComicShowTables will not reproduce information that hasn’t been made public without permission. Please note all ComicShowTables mailouts from July 2018 will be archived on this blog.

Volunteer help

There’s no automatic database behind ComicShowTables, it relies on human beings finding out about shows. If you know of a show that is taking bookings that hasn’t yet been listed, please either send the admins a quick email or fill out the submission form.

Signing up

To sign up, send a blank email to comicshowtables-join@lukesurl.com. You will be sent a confirmation email. Please note that this email is very often spam filtered so please check your spam folder.


To unsubscribe, send a blank email to ComicShowTables-leave@lists.lukesurl.com

Privacy policy

ComicShowTables only holds email addresses on our mailing list; these are not cross-referenced to names, addresses or any other data. There is an optional “real name” field, though any names provided before 2018-05-28 were deleted for GDPR compliance.

There is no processing done on the data – all subscribers receive the same mailings with no differentiation in service. This list of addresses is not shared with anyone, including the cons which send mail to the list.

All of the mailings have unsubscribe instructions at the bottom; this allows you to unsubscribe from the mailing list at any point. On unsubscription all your data is removed permanently from the ComicShowTables database.