[Comicshowtables] UKCGF Events, Spring 2022

UKCGF (UK Comic and Gaming Festivals, also known as Moose Events) are organising multiple “comic con and gaming festivals” in 2022. All are in the south-west of England.

Currently their website lists the following events:
Devon Comic Con and Gaming Festival Spring      >  5-6 Feb @ Westpoint Arena
Bristol Comic Con and Gaming Festival Spring     > Sun 6 Mar @ Ashton Gate Stadium
Dorset Comic Con and Gaming Festival     > Sun 20 Mar @ Redlands Community Sports Hub
Cornwall Comic Con and Gaming Festival Spring  > 9-10 Apr @ Royal Cornwall Events Centre
Somerset Comic Con and Gaming Festival > 30 Apr @ Wellsprings Leisure Centre
Plymouth Comic Con and Gaming Festival > 14 May @ Plymouth Life Centre

UKCGF do not list the cost of their tables publicly, so I will not be writing standard, individual, CST mailouts for these.

For all UKCGF events the booking form is at https://www.ukcgf.com/traders which instructs potential traders to email ukcgftraders@gmail.com for info. The overall main page for this organiser is https://www.ukcgf.com . The organiser’s main Facebook page is at https://www.facebook.com/ukcgf