[Comicshowtables] UKCGF events 2020

UKCGF (UK Comic and Gaming Festivals, also known as Moose Events) are organising 10 comic cons and one horror convention in 2020. All are in the south of England.

To avoid email overload, the details for these events have been condensed into the list below.

For all UKCGF events the booking form is at https://www.mooseeventsuk.com/traders. The overall main page for this organiser is https://www.mooseeventsuk.comThe organiser’s main Facebook page is at https://www.facebook.com/ukcomiconandgamingfestivals/ 

All events are priced at £30 artists and £50 for a regular trader with a single table. The exceptions to this are Bristol, which is £35/£55, and the Spring Cornwall event which is two days and therefore double the price. See the booking form page for reduced prices for multiple tables.

UKCGF events 2020