[Comicshowtables] Rothes Comic Con 2019

Applications are now open for Rothes Comic Con 2019

Date: 8 June 2019
Location: Michael Woods Sports & Leisure Centre, Viewfield, Glenrothes, KY6 2 RD
Cost: £50
How to book: Please register as a vendor first here: https://www.bigglasgowcomicpage.com/the-big-glasgow-comic-page/login/exhibitor-and-trader-registration-form/ Tables are curated. Please click on Waiting list for notification here: https://www.bigglasgowcomicpage.com/product/rothes-comic-con-2019-exhibitor-table/
Contact email:
Website: https://www.bigglasgowcomicpage.com/

“A new event from Gary Erskine, the Creative Director of Glenrothes Comic Con, with Ian Bonar and the Big Glasgow Comic Page. 100 tables capacity. Previous events had an attendance of 3100 in 2017 and 2500 over 12s in 2018 with similar setup and venue size. Other Scottish dates are included on the page.”

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