[Comicshowtables] Newham Comic Festival

Applications are now open for Newham Comic Festival

Date: 28/02/19-4/02/19
Location: East Ham Library, London, E6 2RT
How to book: Email: Newhamcomicfactory@gmail.com
Contact email: newhamcomicfactory@gmail.com
Website: https://www.newhamwordfestival.org/events/comic-factory/

About the event
Newham Comic Factory: part exhibition, part reading room and part creative space for young people and families to read, create and learn about comic books, graphic storytelling and sequential art. The event will also include a series of workshops and crash courses in comic creation for young people. The event is being curated and facilitated by John Currivan, an actor, writer, and independent comic book creator.

Call out for exhibitions
We are looking for artists, cartoonists and comic-book creators to exhibit and share their work during the Newham Word Festival. We are particularly interested in promoting creators who are living or working in East London and the Borough of Newham, but are open to hearing from any creators. We hope to showcase the diversity and variety that exists within independent comics and welcome applications from candidates from a variety of backgrounds.

What you need to know
Entry and participation to the exhibition will be free for the public.
There is no fee for creators exhibit at the event, but spaces may be limited.
You do not need to be present at the event to display your works.
We are not a shop but we are open to selling artwork through the event.
It will be a family friendly event, bear this in mind when choosing work to exhibit.

For the Exhibition
We seek to display copies and prints of finished artworks and “work-in-progress” images by independent comic creators. To do this we would need permission to reproduce and display these artworks throughout the event and to share certain images on social media for publicity purposes. We will always credit the artists and creators wherever the images are displayed and share links to any online stores and blogs to publicise the creators’ work.

For the Reading Room
We are assembling a collection of works from a variety of sources and in a variety of styles. As we are a free-to-the-public event, we would appreciate any offers for donations of any back issues from established comic companies or producers, we have a limited budget for buying certain small press works and we are also willing to borrow books from producers for the duration of the exhibition and return them at the end. We promise to prominently publicise and promote all donated work. We guarantee that these books will not be used for resale but for reading and exhibiting at this event only.

For the Workshops
We would like permission to use certains artists images as examples in presentations and family workshops. Our creative family workshops are still being planned out but will focus on some basic and unique aspects of graphic storytelling and comic creation e.g. choosing the angles of an image, pacing a story with panels, placing and framing text etc. (NB. We will not be doing any ‘traditional’ drawing, object or character study lessons.)

We want to champion and promote the work of independent comic creators, particularly for those who are from, work or are based in Newham, East London and the UK.
We seek permission to display and exhibition will be for the duration Newham Comic Factory only and can give any reproduced images to artists afterwards if they request it.
If artists send digital copies of artworks we will incur any and all printing costs.
We will always publicly credit the artists and creators for their displayed work.
It is unlikely we will be able to sell books or artworks at the event but we will always point all interested customers to websites, blogs or bookshops where they are available.

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