[Comicshowtables] Leeds Steampunk Market

Bookings are now open for Leeds Steampunk Market

Date: 2nd & 3rd March 2019
Location: Abbey House Museum, Abbey Walk, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS5 3EH.
Cost: £35 per 6ft table or rail
How to book: https://Details and booking form here: http://www.leedssteampunkmarket.co.uk/trader-information.php
Contact email: leedssteampunkmarket@gmail.com
Website: https://www.leedssteampunkmarket.co.uk/abbey-house.php

Traders must carry their own PLI. If you have your own table is also useful!
Why is it called a steampunk market when half the stalls are clearly not steampunk?
I want this to be a place where steampunks like to shop. There will always be a decent number of steampunk traders there for new attendees and members of the public to get started gently into steampunk and for existing steampunks to top up their top hats, see their way to buying more goggles… I’ll quit while I’m ahead but you know what I mean.
Most steampunks do have a life outside of steampunk and seem to be into other things such as sci-fi (Dr Who, Star Trek etc), fantasy (Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings etc), geeky (superheroes and comics etc), have goth and vintage influences and preferences in their choice of fashions/styles (past and present) – larping and historical re-enactment seems to cross over into steampunk as well as quite a few of us having hobbies involving model railways and dolls houses.
To me, if this is what steampunks like, then they should be able to buy these things at a market dedicated to them.

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