[Comicshowtables] Admin: New website, submission form & Twitter


 ComicShowTables has a new website:


This blog will automatically post an entry for each ComicShowTables email [including this one]. This means that ComicShowTables posts, from today, will be effectively archived and searchable. I might occasionally post other stuff here. The .co.uk address will be redirected here shortly. The site also has all the info about the list in a slightly more modern format, though the old static site is still around for that 1990s feel.

Excitingly, there is now a submission form which creates a simply-formatted ComicShowTables mailout from a handful of basic info. If you are organising a show, or you otherwise have heard about an event which ComicShowTables hasn’t yet posted about, it would be hugely appreciated if you could send in details using this form [the workings of ComicShowTables is nothing more sophisticated than me checking a bunch of websites, and I can miss stuff]. Don’t worry too much about formatting or duplication etc., I’ll be checking over the submissions before mailout. As a small thank-you to any Comic Creators who do this, I’ll throw in a link to your website as a postscript – just add “scouted by…” to the “additional info” box 🙂

Lastly, this blog is now connected to a Twitter @ComicShowTables which is set up to automatically post whenever there’s new content with a link to the blog. This will also act as a “status page” if there is ever an issue with the emails.