[Comicshowtables] #KitchenCon

Bookings are now open for #KitchenCon

Date: 14/03/20
Location: Twitter Live
Cost: FREE – Comic creators only.
How to book: Contact Tom Ward on twitter (@highbrowtrash) or email.
Contact email: tomward@comic.com
Website: https://twitter.com/highbrowtrash/status/1238211560092438531?s=20

#Kitchencon returns for its third #VirtualComicCon on twitter.

Creators will be going live for one hour between 10-11pm GMT to create a virtual artists alley, talk about their comics, connect with viewers, and hopefully sell some books via their online stores.

#Kitchencon is a completely inclusive and free event that encourages participation from all levels of creators, as an opportunity to network and showcase their work without the need to leave their homes.

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[Comicshowtables] Pride Comic Art Festival 2020

Applications are now open for Pride Comic Art Festival 2020

Date: 4 July 2020
Location: The Station, Silver St, Bristol, BS1 2AG
Cost: 4ft table = £20, 6ft table = £35
How to book: http://pridecaf.co.uk/exhibitors/
Contact email: info@pridecaf.co.uk
Website: http://pridecaf.co.uk

“Applicant(s) must identify somewhere under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella.”
Applications open until 1 May 2020

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[Comicshowtables] Swindon Zine Fest 2020

Applications are now open for Swindon Zine Fest 2020

Date: 1 August 2020
Location: Swindon Central Library, Regent Circus, Swindon SN1 1QG
Cost: £10 full, £5 half
How to book: https://swindonzinefest.wordpress.com/apply/
Contact email: zinefest@apalelandscape.co.uk
Website: https://swindonzinefest.wordpress.com

Applications open until 26 June 2020.
“If you would like to sell at the zine fest but can’t make it, please email zinefest@apalelandscape.co.uk & we can sell your zines for you at the communal table.”

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[Comicshowtables] Admin: Happy Birthday ComicShowTables


 ComicShowTables was founded on 29th February 2016, meaning that today is its “first” birthday! If you’ve been subscribing from the start or have only recently joined up I hope you’re enjoying being signed up!
 As this is a once-in-every four year event, I thought I’d do an informal birthday fundraiser for a good cause. So if you and/or your business have found ComicShowTables useful to the point where you might feel inclined to throw a few coins in a virtual hat, can I suggest donating to the good work that MIND does (http://mind.org.uk) campaigning for and supporting people with mental illnesses. 


[Comicshowtables] Oldham Comic Con 2020

Bookings are now open for Oldham Comic Con 2020

Date: 16 May 2020
Location: Queen Elizabeth Hall, Oldham, OL1 1QJ
Cost: £15
How to book: Message through Facebook
Contact email:
Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/702378626892048/

A small number of free tables were on offer for persons who have not been to Oldham Comic Con before, though these may have been taken already.

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[Comicshowtables] Creators Hall @ Cymera Festival 2020

Applications are now open for Creators Hall @ Cymera Festival 2020

Date: 6-7 June 2020
Location: The Pleasance, 60 Pleasance, Edinburgh, EH8 9TJ
Cost: £20 for one day, £35 for two days
How to book: https://www.cymerafestival.co.uk/creators-hall
Contact email: creators@cymerafestival.co.uk
Website: https://www.cymerafestival.co.uk

Curated event. Applications open until 8 March 2020.
Part of a SciFi, Horror, and Fantasy festival.

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