[Comicshowtables] Big Glasgow Comic Page events

Big Glasgow Comic page (BGCP) run several comic conventions in Scotland, with many events planned for 2021/2022.

To trade at BGCP events one must first be on an approved list of traders who can then buy tables at specific events. In order to do this traders must follow the application steps listed at https://www.bigglasgowcomicpage.com/the-big-glasgow-comic-page/get-involved/exhibitor-info/ . As far as I can tell, table pricing information is restricted to persons on this list. 

As a rule, CST does not make public information that cons have not made public themselves, unless I receive express permission to do so. As such, CST will not send out individual mailouts regarding BGCP events. Instead, ComicShowTables will send out one annual message regarding this organiser (this is it).


P.S. If you organise BGCP events, and you would like there to be CST mailouts for your conventions, please get in touch with me (comicshowtables-owner@lukesurl.com) and we can make this happen!