[Comicshowtables] Comic Village Table Bookings NOW OPEN for MCM London Comic Con

Good morning,


We are pleased to announce that the Comic Village tables are now open to book for the MCM London Comic Con in October.


Please read the instructions on booking a table which can be seen before making a booking request.


All bookings are a request until the booking has been confirmed, then you will recieve information on how to make a payment.




Kind regards


Comic Village

[Comicshowtables] Ellesmere Port Comic Con 2019

Bookings are now open for Ellesmere Port Comic Con 2019

Date: 9 February 2019
Location: Ellesmere Port Civic Hall, Civic Way, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire CH65 0AZ
Cost: 6ft Trestle £30, 8ft Trestle £40
How to book: Email geeksevents@post.com
Contact email: geeksevents@post.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/237742263684096

The organisers request the following information in booking emails:

Event applied for: [Ellesmere Port Comic Con]
Trading Name:
Products Sold:
Table Size:
Table Quantity:

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[Comicshowtables] Big Glasgow Comic Page events (general info)

Big Glasgow Comic page (BGCP) run a number of comic conventions in Scotland including:

  • Loch Lomond Comic Con
  • East Kilbride Comic Con
  • Ayr Comic Con,
  • The Big Glasgow Comic and Craft Fair
  • Hamilton Comic Con
  • Stirling Comic Con
  • Renfewshire Comic Con
  • Cumbernauld Comic Con
  • Helensburgh Comic Con
  • Grangemouth Comic Con
  • Airdrie Comic Con

To trade at BGCP events one must first be on an approved list of traders who can then buy tables at specific events. In order to do this one must follow the application steps listed at https://www.bigglasgowcomicpage.com/the-big-glasgow-comic-page/get-involved/exhibitor-info/

Because this framework doesn’t work well with how ComicShowTables operates, CST will not send out individual mailouts regarding BGCP events. Instead, ComicShowTables will send out one annual message regarding this organiser (this is it).


P.S. As of yesterday, there were still tables available for Stirling (28 Jul), Renfewshire (4 Aug) and Cumbernauld (18 Aug)

[Comicshowtables] Bath Comic Con 2019


Bookings are now open for Bath Comic Con 2019

Date: 23 March 2019
Location: Bath Assembly Rooms, Bennett St, Bath BA1 2QH
Cost: £60
How to book: Read and fill out “Trader Booking Info & Form” at https://www.creedconventions.com/guests-from-film-tv-3
Contact email: creedconventions@yahoo.com
Website: https://www.creedconventions.com/bath-comic-con

Organised by Creed Conventions.
Facebook event page at: https://www.facebook.com/events/180757385962054/

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[Comicshowtables] Admin: New website, submission form & Twitter


 ComicShowTables has a new website:


This blog will automatically post an entry for each ComicShowTables email [including this one]. This means that ComicShowTables posts, from today, will be effectively archived and searchable. I might occasionally post other stuff here. The .co.uk address will be redirected here shortly. The site also has all the info about the list in a slightly more modern format, though the old static site is still around for that 1990s feel.

Excitingly, there is now a submission form which creates a simply-formatted ComicShowTables mailout from a handful of basic info. If you are organising a show, or you otherwise have heard about an event which ComicShowTables hasn’t yet posted about, it would be hugely appreciated if you could send in details using this form [the workings of ComicShowTables is nothing more sophisticated than me checking a bunch of websites, and I can miss stuff]. Don’t worry too much about formatting or duplication etc., I’ll be checking over the submissions before mailout. As a small thank-you to any Comic Creators who do this, I’ll throw in a link to your website as a postscript – just add “scouted by…” to the “additional info” box 🙂

Lastly, this blog is now connected to a Twitter @ComicShowTables which is set up to automatically post whenever there’s new content with a link to the blog. This will also act as a “status page” if there is ever an issue with the emails.